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Computer Vision

Research Project
Indian Statistical Institute

Jul 2011 - Aug 2012


This research project explores image segmentation and enhancement from an in-depth mathematical perspective, including MATLAB implementation of two image enhancement techniques.

Linear Spatial Filtering

Linear filtering technique is used for reducing random noise, sharpening the edges and correcting unequal illuminations. The procedure is carried out by filtering the image by correlation with an appropriate filter kernel. The value of output pixel is calculated as a weighted sum of neighboring pixels.

The complete algorithm and MATLAB code is available here.

Median Filtering

Median filtering is done on an image matrix by finding the median of the neighborhood pixels by using a window that slides pixel by pixel. It preserves the image without getting blurred.

The complete algorithm and MATLAB code is available here.


Original Image (with grain)

Filtered Image


Original Image (with salt and pepper noise)

Filtered Image

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