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Vodafone Location Tracker

The Vodafone Location Tracker is a tool that lets you gain better visibility of supply chains, track and monitor the location of assets and improve your business efficiency.


Managed by: Wipro Ltd.


Vodafone Location Tracker (VLT) is a Location Based Service (LBS) that provides cost effective solution for location tracking. VLT helps you gain greater visibility of supply chains, ascertain the safest and most economically viable routes, access online reports, receive alerts and reduce costs, all on a user-friendly Google Maps™-like interface. It also makes operational procedures efficient and cost-effective, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

VLT is a web-based solution.

VLT can be effectively used for-

  • Tracking people: You can track your field force and their movements, thereby reducing travel and communication costs, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Works well in industries like Financial Services, Government and FMCG.

  • Tracking assets: You can monitor the location of assets such as vehicles, machines and consignments. What’s more, you can course correct them, in case they deviate from the delivery path, to ensure timely distribution of goods. It is applicable for industries like Logistics, IT and ITES etc.

How it works

VLT is a GSM network-based location tracking service which identifies the location of the SIM or mobile number from the cell tower it is latched on to. The data, captured by a Vodafone backend server, is then transferred to a secure, user-friendly web portal so that you can manage and control your assets with ease.

The solution interacts with two types of actors -

  • Asset being tracked - Mobile Station (MS) or SIM device that is being tracked

  • User managing the asset, which is being tracked. This can be further categorized into

    • Enterprise Administrator - can access specific features of their enterprise

    • Enterprise User - can access features of their enterprise and management centre


Prerequisites for Tracking an Asset
These are the prerequisites to track an asset

  • The asset must belong to a management center and enterprise

  • The asset’s consent approval should have been received and approved by the service provider administrator

  • The asset must be assigned to a trip


The web application provides the following functionalities-

  • Add/modify/delete Enterprises and their assets

  • Create/modify/delete trip trails for each asset and their working calendar days

  • Track asset if they are following the right route according to their working calendar days

    • Safe - Asset is traceable and location details available​

    • Critical - Asset is not traceable

  • Provides bulk upload of asset and trip data and also bulk download of reports on current and historical trips

VLT provides a host of other functionalities. I highlighted the key ones here. Due to copyright issues, I cannot attach the complete documentation here.

Tracking Centre.jpg

Tracking Centre: View the details of an asset being tracked

Tracking Centre.png

Tracking Centre: Asset can be critical at times, not traceable

Trip Trail.jpg

Trip Trail: Displays the list of locations visited by the asset along with the time taken / spent by the asset in a particular location. It also displays the date and time at which the asset has reached that location and the distance between the locations and status of the asset. This data can be viewed on Maps.

Route Map.jpg

Route Map: Allows to define a route. One can use this route ID to assign any number of trips to it.

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