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That's ME

From having a refugee ancestry in India to getting a Master's degree in Germany from one of the top schools in the world,

From funding my own studies to saving money for traveling,

From growing up in an orthodox, stigmatized, male-dominated society to being certified in classical dance, music and art,

From working in a local NGO for helping the underprivileged to aiming to do the same through my technical education at a global scale,

It has been an interesting journey so far ----

I am learning, adapting, maturing and transforming.

Being a citizen of India, a land of

diverse cultures, languages, religions, history and geography,

I am a true cosmopolitan at heart



I love sketching portraits of famous personalities.


Mahatma Gandhi


Rabindranath Tagore

Mother Teresa.JPG

Mother Teresa


I'm a trained classical dancer in Kathak, one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance.


Travel & Photography

I love traveling. I love nature. I love experiencing new cultures, traditions, meeting new people and I totally love capturing all these special moments. It keeps me grounded and realize how insignificant we all are in the overall scheme of things.

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