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Smart Nursing Homes

This seminar paper explores the pros and cons of smart nursing homes as well as the use of social robotics for the aged population.

Objective and Contribution

This seminar paper explores the following topics -

First part:

  • Current problems faced by the aged population in traditional nursing homes.

  • Takes a look at the demographic data that has shifted healthcare needs over the past few decades.

  • Proposes smart nursing homes as a possible solution for better healthcare for the elderly.

  • Provides a literature review on the previous work done on smart nursing homes.

  • Explores goals, characteristics and advantages of smart nursing homes with detailed analysis.

  • Analyses how smart nursing homes can reduce healthcare cost with statistical data.

  • Lists some pilot projects exploring smart home technologies for the elderly.

  • Lists out some real-life smart products and devices that have made life easier.

  • Discusses several factors that influence its acceptance in the society.

  • Investigates some key issues of smart nursing homes that can hinder universal acceptance.

Second part:

  • Provides an insight into the world of social robotics that has taken human-machine interaction to the next level.

  • Discusses some popular social robots such as Paro, Robobear, etc.

  • Explores four different future scenarios.

  • Finally, the discussion section raises four burning questions to smart healthcare.

Please check the complete paper here.

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